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Make sure everyone is doing their fair share.

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Being active can stop you from growing restless. If you're asked to take charge of a big project, accept. Let your zest for action go to your head and you will inspire others with your energy and enthusiasm. You're about to step into a new chapter but before doing so, stop and think whether this is right for you. You don't want to walk into a situation that might make you feel trapped, troubled or tied down. Listen to advice when making important decisions. No sooner do you finish one task than another needs doing.

Daily horoscope for Saturday November 17 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

Where are other people when you need them? You could do with another pair of hands, but one person in particular seems to be getting away with doing next to nothing. Don't hesitate to delegate. A challenge or suggestion put to you by a friend could have you changing plans and surprising others with your spontaneity. Someone will be drawn to your impetuous behaviour.

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A new friend is going on about all the great opportunities ahead if you join them in a new venture. Are they making promises they won't be able to keep? This person could be manipulating you for their own advantage. Ask around before joining forces with someone you hardly know. A bonus or raise will come as a great relief to you. You've been putting off some expensive repairs and now you have the money to fix a vehicle or faulty appliance.

You're being too generous and obliging. People are starting to take advantage of your kindness. The next time you're asked to perform duties that fall outside your job description, say no. The least people can do for you is to shoulder their fair share of the work. Finding time alone to recharge your batteries is important for your health. If you're starting to feel cooped-up at home or at work, get out of doors. Fresh air and exercise is the best medicine.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th People who refuse to listen to a word you say because they think they know everything make you irritable. Horoscopes: Should you pick up a bargain the Black Friday sales this week? In April the stars draw you inward, so you can focus more on your goals and ambitions; you might be inclined to escape your usual environment to assess your direction, and get some perspective on your career path or public image. Note the Easter Weekend is a good window to focus on family and nesting.

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This is a very significant time for you Cancer, and you can expect to be pulled in a few directions. Stay cool, calm and in control; communicate your aims and objectives clearly — energy may be running low yet others need to respect your instructions. Your usual workflow will feel challenged from mid- April to mid- August , so give yourself some breathing space over summer. Around May 5th—7th and from the 16th your social set and network of peers comes into focus. Personal relationships are really in view, and you might feel full of the willpower to step out into group activities, or take a more involved role among friends and colleagues.

June is an ideal time to take time out in solitude note the 3rd is one to unplug, Cancer , and have a real break. Friends or a lover can be involved but expect a little tension in your one-to-ones.

Your Daily Horoscope For November 17,

July 16th spotlights your most significant relationships, and you could sense some major developments or shifts. Turn your attention to finances, your job and breathing life into your work August 1st, Cancer. Time to think about getting the wheels turning again — you might get some nice offers around this time! By the end of the month be ready to leverage your connections, as on August 30th five planets line-up in your zone of communication and friendly ties.

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This is perhaps the most important day of the year, as a further three planets are in sociable sectors in your horoscope. The last week of September proves lovely for nesting, and feeling at home, and you can feather your nest in October in style, when creativity is high. If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this week you will experience a joyous event that will connect you with a person from your immediate family or friends. This week, you will be empowered with personal success or another event from a colleague or neighbor, which can even be a cause for a small gathering.

Now be very careful in your contacts with the people you will need to communicate with. Be especially cautious with people who are resourceful, touchy or hypocritical.

This week, disputes will easily arise over differing opinions on professional, social or political issues and more. This will be a good week for you to buy or sell if you are trading or currently engaged in similar activities. My only advice is not to act hastily or emotionally. Cancer women will take the time and resources to prepare for an important event by the end of the year.

Contacts with a government, court, banking, or tax institution are will not bring a surprise. Men will need to be more caring about themselves. Your health will not be as stable as you want. You will get tired easily or have some health ussues.