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Venus is calling you to look further afield through journeys and ventures that expand your horizons. Local connections, your inner circle, community and neighbours are the focus of this full moon, with emphasis on encounters in your immediate surroundings — this is also about how you connect and relate to others, including your siblings, peers or coworkers, Leo. This could be about investments in others — relationships, bonds and financial unions, or tackling secret or hidden matters, or your property and the investment in something long-lasting.

There may be some uncomfortable conversations this full moon so take it easy! Venus is your ruler, and presently flourishes in your work-a-day-zone, therefore your job or daily habits are calling to be acknowledged. This may also be health, wellness and how you stay on top of the little things — your job or role may have changed lately — honour the shifts! Relationships are also in mind, as we complete Aries Season and move into Taurus territory; this symbolises the suns journey from your marriage zone into your commitments and deeper partnerships area, take the next steps on your path, aware of new routines.

The moon peaks in your zone of closure, healing and regeneration, the area of dreams, sleep and surrender. Remember, love is meant to be fun, and make you smile. Yet some important relationships might not sit well in domestic spaces or mesh into home life; what needs to be adjusted in order for you to feel safe, secure and settled in your family setting? And yet consider those in close quarters who are important to you, too.

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Your inner circle, friends, co-workers or sibling-type pals ask to be considered, too. Aside from your private life and achievements open up to local connections. Nevertheless, money, income, your work role or the material realms are a talking point that could feel uncomfortable yet pertinent.

The full moon in your intimacy zone illuminates commitments, financial investments and important collaborations. Close bonds, shared spaces and private affairs can be realised and celebrated, yet your self-worth within said relationships is perhaps more important, now. A Metallic cobalt blue called Libra is a shade in our palette. Read up on the astrological significance and Pagan roots of Easter, here!

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