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Little will they guess how she soaks her pillow every night, wondering what she could possibly have said that fractured everything. Why should she have to explain herself? All Sagittarians show a raging, righteous anger when their integrity is doubted. Besides, no one would understand.

Impasses like this are impossible for her to fathom, for all her logical mental processes, and often lead the Jupiter girl into a never-never land of romance, not knowing where the fire might flame up, or why, and afraid of being burned when it does. You plan to make one your wife someday. At least, I hope you have honorable intentions. This poor girl has enough problems without you setting out to seduce her. Since she considers herself your equal, she may copy your mannerisms, as well as wear your sweater.

The Sagittarius Woman, Sagittarius the Archer by Linda Goodman

For one thing, your sweater looks different on her. Not that Jupiter women are offensively masculine by nature. They can be the softest, most feminine women you ever squeezed. What other people think matters very much to a female reputation. But try to understand her attitude. Her outlook is so naive it makes her vulnerable to wolves, con artists and phonies though oddly enough, not in other areas, just in romance.

Forget about how cleverly she argues and how startlingly logical she can be. All that has nothing to do with her heart. But her heart is defenseless. It falls down and gets bruised quite often. The owner may swear a little, but hell soon shrug his shoulders, tell her to skip it, and hand her some grapes. The sunny Sagittarian disposition can melt the hardest hearts. Now and then, this girl will remind you of a clumsy puppy dog, wagging its friendly tail, and walking all over your feet. But then friendly puppy dogs do get lots of people to love them and feed them.

Of course, dogs are a little cheaper to feed. The typical Jupiter girl has a large appetite. She likes good food and wine, nice clothes, and when she travels, she likes to go first class. Check her ascendant carefully before you loan her your credit card.

Don't hurt yourself…

If so, start out on the right foot by expecting her to put her career first, until she tires of it. Never force her to choose between pleasing you and the excitement of pleasing whole gobs of people at once with her sunshine personality. Someone who believes honesty is beautiful and deception is ugly. You again.

Aries And Sagittarius Compatibility By Linda Goodman

They were fastened there at birth. The travel bug will always be nearby to give her a case of wandering fever. Vacation with her when you can; otherwise let her go off to ride the carousel herself, and trust her. She loves you, not the clowns and organ grinders she likes to pass the time with. You must mean someone else. That quiet demeanor is a mask for a fiery heart and a tough business drive.

His honesty will usually keep him from fooling you, and his idealism will keep him from wanting to. Promiscuity or even light flirtations are not an Arien habit, no matter what the books tell you. Those other girls were B. The minute you let your mutual love lose its storybook flavor, he may wander off.

Somehow, in his mind, this is not the way storybook princesses behave. And goodness knows, Juliet would never have sat with her feet up, chewing taffy and watching TV. Be prepared to greet him dewy-eyed and breathless each morning, fresh from your dreams, thrilled to find his handsome face so near. And let him know it. Aries males whose sweethearts neglect romance are heartbroken at first. Then they become angry. You did. You made him think you were a lovely nightingale, singing in the moonlight, like it says in his favorite song. Which he did, of course, but who are you to think you can dictate his every move?

The decision to break off the old will always be made before becoming too deeply involved with the new. This alone prevents any undue amount of deception. Besides, now you know how to keep him inside the pages of that storybook. No one princess will ever satisfy his image of the ideal.

After a separation, if you catch him in the right mood, you can fire his romance all over again, if you act as if there had never been any previous intimacy. To make it easier to forgive him, if trouble ever arises, remember that any straying was due to a sudden impulse after his nightingale stopped singing in the moonlight, not to a deliberate seeking of casual variety. Adultery is actually distasteful to his honest nature. You have the magic key to his heart.

Linda Goodman's Sun Signs: Sagittarius (Linda Goodman's Sun Signs Set)

Lock it. If you have any ideas about playing games with him by flirting-drop them. Your first indiscretion will probably be your last.

Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

You can lose him with just a whisper or an intimate look at another man, let alone any actual infidelity. He insists on being first in everything, and you can bet your old pressed gardenia this includes being first in your heart. Aries is possessive and jealous in the extreme. Only a Leo male can get wilder at the thought of a transgression on the part of his beloved.

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To make it worse, the ram will never give you the blind faith he expects you to give him in such matters. A pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall four or 10 spaces apart from one another on the zodiac wheel, respectively. This is tough one, kids. I mean if you've ever been in a relationship that was marked by a pattern, you probably noticed how difficult it is to get along.

There's just something about this person that irks you, or makes you want them to put a lid on their personality. Someone plays the disciplinarian in this relationship, and their efforts to change the other person eventually ruins it's chances for survival in a romantic sense. A pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall five or nine spaces apart from one another on the zodiac wheel, respectively. It also describes any relationship between two signs of the same element earth, water, air, or fire.

Sun in Libra Horoscopes

The chances for a permanent, lasting relationship between these signs is more feasible than any other combination, simply because there is such a natural empathy for the other person's inherent qualities. Disagreements and fights between these signs are useful, productive even, because no time is spent wasted trying to understand behavior that is drastically different between the individuals. The understanding is already there. A pattern describes a relationship between two signs that fall six or eight spaces apart from one another on the zodiac wheel, respectively.

This relationship pattern is like a witch's spell. You are absolutely drawn in by one another, the charisma that this person exudes is what you find sexually stimulating about them. There is a desire to understand and get to the bottom of who this person is, and sex is generally the tool you use to do so. There's also a greater than average willingness to be of service to this person, or a willingness on their part to be of service to you.

Unfortunately this person puzzles you, and makes you feel as if you'll never get the natural sympathy required to make the relationship work.