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Your past karma is now bearing good fruit. There are indications however that some serious time out is necessary to re-evaluate your life and what you want to do.


The big question is: are you on the right path? You can manifest anything you want; it's only your self-doubt holding you back.

Study the laws of power and karma and implement these in your life to gain what you desire. You could have a crammed schedule over the next day or two so you need to prioritise those people and activities that are going to be useful. You could be confused about your priorities. You may be afraid of insulting someone if you refuse their generous offer.


Sifting the time-wasters from those who genuinely have something to offer will also become a pressing issue. Unfortunately, you may have to be ruthless in picking those you'd like to spend your valuable time with now. Your enthusiasm on the work front may not be met by the same level of excitement by those you work with.

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This will make you feel somewhat out on a limb, alone and without any noticeable feedback. This is temporary. There may be a better opportunity to connect with the group of people you work with shortly so don't make a big deal out of this. It's just that your schedules may not be coinciding or, they are having problems dealing with the privacy of their own space.

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Arguments and upheavals at work may play havoc with your nervous system so it's better to withdraw rather than engage in a battle that no one is likely to win. Try to avoid those who upset you emotionally, mentally, or physically to prevent any reaction on your health. With your day-to-day stress levels rising, you need some solitude.

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A lot more will get done if you focus on yourself rather than pleasing everyone else. This especially applies to your family responsibilities. Today is a time when you can enjoy being with others in a friendly, sociable and even flirtatious manner. A new introduction could jolt you out of your lethargy and introspection to seriously consider rendezvous, dinner or another special outing.

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Believe it or not, your anxiety could trigger a search for answers that you now need. Amongst the silly noise of the world around you is a solution. If married, in-laws will visit you later this evening. Those in unconventional relationships plan live-in arrangements with their sweetheart. Those working out of their homes are busy and make money much to their satisfaction. Pay back your debts or you may close your money channel.

Do so while the going is good and watch your profits multiply. Make dinner plans with a pal tonight. Carry on with routine work today and avoid hasty investments or financial transactions.

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  6. A parent may insist on some time this afternoon to discuss a legal matter and may require your opinion on a few family issues. Try not to be too judgmental. Someone from your past resurfaces in your life today, hoping to awaken old sparks. However, you seem to have moved on, and realize that your current relationship is worth a great deal, and you are not at all tempted. New relationships bloom, and existing ones flourish. Deeper bonds are forged between you and your beloved. The single may contemplate marriage and discuss this with their sweetheart. Health problems get resolved.

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