Libra horoscope born october 23

You enjoy theorizing what would occur should you choose one path, then pondering the consequences of taking another. You have a strong sense of color and design and can also be found in artistic careers. You believe that life is about relationships.

October 23 Birthday Horoscope

When you are alone in a room, you relate to the room and this is why you are very uncomfortable in a messy or cluttered space. Friendships and a social life are very important to you. Personal appearance is also on top of your list. You never leave the house without looking in a mirror and you love to keep up with fashion trends. You intuitively know what outfit will look just right for the day or occasion.

It must be of good quality, though, as ticky-tacky will never do.

Libra traits

You also love things that are soft like cashmere and velvet. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. By Celeste Longacre.

October 23 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

September 23, Related Articles Zodiac Signs Astrology. Tags Libra. What do you want to read next? Cancer Zodiac Sign.

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Customer Service for Subscribers. Recently it occurred to us that it would be fun to do the same with cats. For 10, years, astrology has served as a useful tool for discerning the character of humans, but the wisdom of the stars can also reveal insights into felines. Any clue that helps unravel the mysteries of cats makes happier cats and happier guardians. Pedigreed cats have papers that include the date of birth.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

Cats born on the cusp or border of two signs will often have traits of both those signs. There are of course exceptions to every rule. The Libra cat is born between Sept. Libra cats are charmers of the zodiac.

October 23 Zodiac: Libra

All cats have an inner beauty, but Libra cats are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, bestowing an extra sparkle or je ne sais quoi. Like supermodels, they carry themselves with a tails-up diva grace. Vanity is their middle name. They can do no wrong. If all cats were are sociable and charming as Libra cats, shelters would be empty.

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Their element is Air, giving them an airy-fairy indecisiveness at times. Do they want to go in or out? Up or down? These elegant felines can be manipulative, batting a paw at your sleeve and giving you a look no one can resist.

Kitty Horoscope: October Belongs to the Lovely Libra Cat

Please, might I have a little more fishy flakes? Oh, all right, just a little more. Not just beautiful, but that they are the most beautiful cat in the world. They get a bad rap for being lazy. They just prefer lounging about, looking divine. Libra cats are the social butterflies of the zodiac. They love attention from humans as well as feline companions.

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  • October 23 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality!

When I used to teach at home, my Libra cats Coco and Merlin acted as feline concierges. They would greet students and clients at the door, sit and coddle whoever needed attention, and then escort them back to the door. Being social, they usually prefer having a feline friend or a human who likes to frequently entertain.