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Goats are profound thinkers and philosophers. They enjoy analysing before taking action and are incredibly creative. But they could over think and as a result could develop anxiety.

2019 Chinese Astrology Reading for Dragon

Monkeys are usually very happy, and an uplifting personality with unlimited energy but they do lack self-control. Monkeys like to have lots of fun which mean that they can have a propensity toward breaking hearts in love and friendship. Roosters are practical and can out-think the best of them; they are also observant with a straightforward attitude which makes them excellent at making decisions. They are also quite the perfectionist! Dogs are trustworthy and very loyal, you will be very unlikely to be deceived by a dog. They also have high intellect and are sensitive emotionally.

Pigs are selfless philanthropists who warmly express kindness to others — in buckets. They are highly attractive to others because of their sweet nature.

They are brilliant and incredibly charming. A Chinese Astrology reading is good for anybody who wants to learn about their life path and destiny.

Top 3 Chinese Astrology Reading Sites Online

Here are some things that you might find out from a Chinese astrology reading online but please note that this list is only an example of some of the things you might be able to explore. This type of reading is one that will last you for a long time because it focuses on the influence of present conditions, rather than things that will change which is what psychic and spiritual readings focus on.

You can also find out information about specific events or relationships which will help you to understand the situation better as you experience and hopefully guide you toward making beneficial choices. The questions you ask will determine the quality of your reading. If you ask for a general reading but are hoping that your Chinese astrology reader will intuitively respond to a situation or secret, more detailed question, then you might be disappointed.

If you think about what it is that you want to know in an ideal situation, and you focus your questions to your Chinese astrology reader accordingly, you should end up being very satisfied with your reading. There are some great Chinese astrology readers online, and there are plenty of options from one of our preferred sites.

Here are the links. Chinese Astrology on Life Reader. Chinese Astrology on Kasamba. Are you ready to take the plunge and try out your first Chinese astrology reading? Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now. Kasamba — Get three minutes free! Psychic Source — Low priced readings right now!

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Home astrology chinese. October Keen Psychics. Visit Site. LifeReader Psychics. Psychic Source. Visit Site Call Now. Did your reading get the thumbs up?

Venus Jupiter Mercury Mars Saturn. Why you might keep having the same experiences over again.

Learn about a new dimension of your personality with Chinese zodiac sign meanings here!

Why you have the habits that you do How you relate to others. How you express yourself and how others may experience your self-expression. Who you might be compatible with romantically as well as with friends, colleagues or business partners. Challenges that you face in life. Your strengths and weaknesses. What is important to you. What drives you to do, think and behave as you do. How you manage and experience your life. See Four Pillars Interpretation. Home feng shui chinese astrology distance learning courses feng shui classes feng shui professionals. Chinese Astrology: The most accurate form of astrology in the world.

Longitude Optional Longitude of your birth place is needed to calculate exact local time. Animal Signs What the elements and animals in your Chinese zodiac represent. Annual Predictions What does this year have in store? Chinese astrology predictions. Compatibility How compatible are you with your partner, work colleagues and friends?

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